A multimedia installation exploring the dissonance between our physical and digital bodies
  • Ideation
  • Painting
  • Usability Testing
  • Development
  • Solo
  • TouchDesigner
  • Kinect
  • Projector
  • Acrylic on Gesso
  • 3 months

diptych is a multimedia installation that explores the dissonance between our physical and digital bodies. Inquisitive and diaristic in nature, diptych consists of a collection of acrylic paintings, printed text placards, and an interactive projection. Each of the five acrylic paintings consists of two images within: one red, one blue. These images are obscured or revealed depending on the viewer’s position in the installation, a red-light body-tracking blob following them as they walk through the space.

In the surveillance economy, perhaps we think that someone is always watching us in disapproval.

Even in solitude, I look over my shoulder.
Time moves differently now,

My memory is an unreliable narrator.
All humans are performing.

All humans are watching themselves perform.
Who would I be if I stopped consuming content?

What would there be left to feel?

Through this process, the viewer is able to craft their own imagery experience. In doing so, diptych again shows how a digital experience can bleed into and dictate our physical world. This interaction simultaneously questions the role of the self as not only the object of identity distortion, but also as the complicit participant in creating dissonance between digital and physical.