I'm Unnati: product designer, artist, and more.

A pixelated gif portrait of Unnati

I’m an NYC-based product designer with an MFA in Design & Technology and Civic Service Design from Parsons School of Design. I design with inclusion, privacy, and well-being at the center of my work. I'm all about creating delightful experiences that make sense. Currently, I'm a Design Fellow at Blue Ridge Labs.

I'm a strong believer in a multidisciplinary approach to tackling problems and ambiguity. Art and design have been lifelong passions of mine, and more recently I have become interested in the intersection of design, psychology, and technology.

I'm currently open to NYC-based opportunities in product design.

When I'm not designing...

I'm exploring other media like ink, gouache, and oils. Take a look at some recents:

Pinky Promise, Gouache on Canvas, 2023
Spent, Oil on Canvas, 2020
Smoke, Gouache on Canvas, 2021
Oilcloth, Gouache on Paper, 2022
Self-Surveillance, Acrylic on Gesso, 2023
Mask Off, Acrylic on Gesso, 2023